Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Protecting the security and privacy of users’ data is of primary importance to Mike and Barry's, and we take many steps to protect your privacy, as well as conducting our business in compliance with all applicable laws regarding data security and privacy protection. We hope the following policy explanation will show you how we care for your personal data, secure it against theft, and don’t give it away to anyone without a search warrant, or unless they have like an I.O.U. where after the U instead of a monetary amount it was written something like, “A whole bunch of internet data you get from Facebook or logins or something!” So that last one is unlikely.

Personal Data

Mike and Barry's collects personal data through logging in to the Mike and Barry's website ( and asking the user to fill out a form, or by the user logging in through Facebook and having the user verify what information we are collecting, or by the legendary Scrying Crystal of Amnon-Thu.

Purpose of Use

Most personal information (name, email, zip code, location, gender) is used to facilitate planning and executing tiots (dating or social events) on the Mike and Barry's website, and is accessible to other users only as you allow it (by setting when creating tiots or responding to them). Some personal information (email) is only shown to other users by explicit action (meaning fully and clearly instated, not the naughty-no-no definition) by each user – they would have to express or accept interest in attending an event, in which case email details are exchanged privately between those two users.

Mike and Barry's does store this information on its servers, but users can easily deactivate or completely delete their account using simple, easy-to-find interactions on the website. Except if the user is blind or low vision, because I made those parts specifically not accessible! Muahahahaha! How evil! Okay, just kidding. Those parts are totally accessible. Seriously, more web developers should think about accessibility. It’s important.

Purpose Limitation

Mike and Barry's will collect, use or disclose personal data supplied by you online only for the purposes disclosed to you, unless the disclosure – what? Dangit, someone will know I copied this. I don’t even know what “Purpose Limitation” means! Basically, Mike and Barry's is not giving out your information without a Court Order, which I capitalized because I suddenly realized it would make fine title for a basketball movie.

Communications Data

A user’s use of telecommunications services to access the Mike and Barry's website (again, may be generated and transmitted to Mike and Barry's or its various providers of internet and telecommunications services. While Mike and Barry's (whose website is does not by practice collect or save this data, we make no guarantees that this would not happen in the future if necessitated by law or other circumstance, or that the providers of the internet services Mike and Barry's subscribes to don’t store this information. If There becomes a compelling necessity to collect this information, the collection, processing, or use and distribution of that information will be done pursuant to all applicable laws.

Analytical Data (Non-personal) Collected and Used

When you come to any website, certain information is transmitted, such as the type of computer you are using, the browser you used to access the website, domain referrer, pages you viewed, etc. This information is really useless to identify you, and is only used to make the website better or faster. So the next time you see a local news station doing a report on how all websites steal this information… well, when you click over to Tom and Jerry, you click over angrily! That will show them.


The Mike and Barry's website ( – I’m pretty sure I’ve already mentioned this) uses cookies only to store information about a user’s preferences on how they interact with the Mike and Barry's website (see more towards the beginning of this sentence). Cookies store no personal information, nor is the information the cookies store shared with any other website, agency or entity. Users may turn off accepting cookies from Mike and Barry's, but it may affect user experience.


Mike and Barry's uses industry standard security protections against loss of users’ personal information and data. The only information Mike and Barry's stores is: name, which can be faked; gender, likewise; email address, but you can use a throwaway; and general area (city, state and zip code) – which I suppose you could also lie about. So if you’re in witness protection, maybe do all those things.

Privacy Policy for using Facebook buttons or login

The Mike and Barry's website uses various Facebook technologies to facilitate user interactions of the site. Users can “Like” or “Share” posts through Facebook which will then appear on the user’s Facebook wall. An overview of Facebook buttons is here:

Users can also log into the site using Facebook, where the user’s browser is redirected back to Facebook and a user logs in through there, accepting to share certain information with Mike and Barry's (mentioned in previous sections of this policy). Mike and Barry's stores this information only as outlined in previous sections of this document, and makes no claim as to how Facebook uses that information, nor if Facebook uses information gleaned from having the user logged into the Mike and Barry's website. For more information, please see the privacy statement of Facebook under

Users not wanting to share personal information from Mike and Barry's with Facebook should log out of their facebook account before using the Mike and Barry's website (which I forgot to clarify at the beginning of this section even though I mentioned it, is located at